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This is the official website of Peggy Eldridge-Love.

Peggy Rush is an author and artist who resides in Northern Virginia with her husband, Jeffrey Rush, Jr. She is a poet, playwright, screenwriter, novelist, and non-fiction author who writes under the names Peggy Eldridge-Love, Tess Allen, and Peggy T. Rush. Additionally, she is a doll maker, visual, 3-D and fiber artist who enjoys exploring the arts in as many different mediums as possible. Click here!

An old poem from "You Beckon"

Thought of this old poem this morning:


Words whispered with a
blown kiss...in passing.
"Lunch?" We both nod, smile,
as though we mean it.

Crowded street, blurred faces,
noise competing with memories -
best friends once, divas
in our adolescent dreams.

We sought the gold ring
on those out of control
merry-go-rounds and rode
round and round reality.

We are no dream girls now.

A few of the books, journals, chap books that include Peggy's poetry and other written contributions.

Peggy T. Rush (who also writes as Peggy Eldridge-Love and Tess Allen) has a poem in this issue of Mused Literary Review Journal. The poem is a haiku and is entitled "Swords". Check out this excellent journal by clicking here!

Newly released in paperback, Tess Allen's "The Trilogy: A Diary, A Thief & A Secret!"  Order paperback Here  or digital Here for immediate purchase and delivery or check your favorite online or retail store for your copy soon!

The Trilogy: A Diary, A Thief & A Secret -EBOOK

The Trilogy: A Diary, A Thief & A Secret  

The Trilogy: A Diary, A Thief & A Secret by Tess Allen is a romantic suspense bundle. Included are three of Allen's best loved works; His Wife's Diary (Love Bites), The Jewel Thief (Love Bites), and The View from Suite 2100. From the edge of your seat revelations in the diary that India Reinhart discovers which she inadvertently purchases at an upscale yard sale, to the hidden drama that unfolds for Jewel Capri as she goes behind the scenes with some terrifyingly enigmatic TV news personalities, to the life ruining secrets that threaten the life and mini-empire of DC powerbroker Rowena Wilkes, this trilogy delivers!


A Bundle Tied in Red...

A Bundle Tied in Red - Click Here to BUY NOW

Available currently only on Amazon
(Kindle Edition)


Delaney Diamond rated it 5-STARS ***** on Goodreads

Shelves: short-story, general-fiction) This review is from: A Bundle Tied in Red (Kindle Edition) This is a very, very short story, but I found it to be impactful. The story tells what two young girls did in retaliation to a neighbor they disliked and the dire consequences of their actions.

Ey Wade (Wade into Reviews) rated it 5-STARS ***** on Amazon

Mind blowing. This will leave your mouth hanging open. The ridiculous, revengeful anger of innocent children travels this story along and through your veins until it settles in your mind and heart and blows away your sense of righteousness. Tess Allan wrote this short story with just enough words that nothing else needs to be said. Sometimes prejudice just out rules love and the end is destruction. This is truly a great book.

Buy Now!

Introducing the works of  romance novelist TESS ALLEN

His Wife's Diary (Love Bites)    

India Reinhart, a 33-year-old successful Kansas City graphic artist, is torn as to what is the right thing to do when she finds a diary in a box of old books she purchases at a yard sale. Things get very dicey once she steps deeper and deeper into the quagmire of the lives that have unfolded in the pages of that diary. It is a quagmire that India realizes is turning out to be almost as unsettling as the life she is already living.

To make matters worse, India finds herself attracted to, rather than repelled by, the man she has come to despise based on his wife’s written words. He's Langley Monza, a Kansas City favorite son and ex-NFL star. The unwelcome attraction is a very complicated emotion for her since she still has some unfinished business with her own ex-fiancé and feels guilt and betrayal towards the diary writer whom she knows is dead.

 India discovers there is much more than just a broken heart hidden in the pages of Langley’s wife’s diary and it is that discovery that she realizes may easily drastically change the course of a number of lives, including her own.


BUY IT NOW! This ebook novella is available from Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com, and other retailers online


Read a sample of "His Wife's Diary (Love Bites)", learn more about Tess Allen, have an opportunity to win some great books and prizes on
fReado now!

Check out "
Author Tuesday's Present 'His Wife's Diary'"  an Interview with Peggy Eldridge-Love by Minolta White!  Get the inside scoop now!

The Jewel Thief (Love Bites)

Jewel Capri is on the fast track with her jewelry design business and it looks like things are only going to get better when she ties into one of the most popular women in Dallas, Soraline Baugh, a woman who seems to have the power to make or break her career.

           But Jewel has no idea what awaits her as she finds herself caught in the middle of a cloudy world of television and professional sports personalities. And she's not at all happy with herself when she winds up thinking far too much about the intriguing, Wayman Washington, an ultra sexy, sensitive man who just won’t leave her alone.

           When Jewel discovers who Wayman really is all she wants is out. But does she? BUY NOW! This ebook novella is available from Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com, and other retailers online.


Love Bites are short romantic stories that are offered as electronic books. Look for others by Essence Best Selling author Shelia Goss, including The Kandie Shop and Mrs. America. Love Bites are quick short reads. So sit back and enjoy these romantic appetizers.


The short Ebook, the right price, and the right subjects. Art Imitating Life or Life Imitating Art...for Under a Buck!


Poetry that speaks to the survivors of suicides and their journal of survival, of changed life and the new lens it's viewed through, of climbing the ladder of hope again and seeing the beauty of the horizon that's still there.

Available at
Barnes & Noble and Amazon January 10, 2014

Review in Book/Mark Quarterly Review

A review of Peggy Eldridge-Love's Chapbook "Peach Seeds" which was written by Linda Benninghoff appears in the Fall 2011 edition of Book/Mark Quarterly Review.  Book/Mark Quarterly Review is available by hard copy only and can be obtained through Editor, Mindy Kronenborg, P.O. Box 516, Miller Place, NY 11764, email: cyberpoet@optonline.net.

Peach Seeds

A part of the Mipo-Chapbook series, this chapbook contains twelve poems from Peggy Eldridge-Love. Author Shelia Goss says in her Goodreads review that Eldridge-Love's poems "sing off the pages", while"love it" is a first utterance by many others who have read it.

Update! You can now read Peach Seeds online at issuu.com! Click Here!


Several books are now available in the Kindle Store including You Beckon, Loving Buddy and Holding It Together With Band-Aids and Safety Pins!

Loving Buddy is also available from Barnes and Nobel, Kobo Ebooks, Diesel-Ebooks, and Smashwords.

Loving Buddy

“Loving Buddy” focuses on the changing world of 13-year-old Kaye Hawkins, the daughter of a third generation pastor, who is a staunch defender of her big brother Buddy, no matter how many hearts he breaks or the trouble he makes. She is also intrigued by the inner workings of her extended family and what she is perceiving about the quality of the lives of the women who surround her.

Click Here to Order

Holding It Together With Band-Aids and Safety Pins

An engaging poetic look at the social, emotional, economic, and political struggles of the early twenty-first century that impact the lives of both young and old. It finds people where they are, who they are, and what they are doing to try to cope and understand their changing world. It whispers of the mysteries of complex relationships to the anguish of facing incomprehensible grief. It speaks of you and it speaks of me. Holding it Together with Band-Aids and Safety Pins is the second poetic offering of poet/playwright Peggy Eldridge-Love and dovetails nicely with her first award-winning collection, You Beckon. Peggy is also the artist of the cover watercolor entitled Uprising.

Click Here to Order

The original award-winning volume of poetry by Peggy Eldridge-Love. Published by Write On Writers.

Print copies: (Available by clicking here.)

Zazzle and Other Stuff:

I have a few new things that are now in print. A short story, "War Paint", was published in the OCHO #30 issue. A poem entitled "Free Wrapping With Purchase (After Christmas Sale)" was included in the June Issue of Poets and Artists.  Also,  "Peach Seeds"  ,a chapbook of a dozen of my poems was published as a part of the Mipo-Chapbook Series. Digital copies of these journals are available and, at this writing, the Mipo-Chapbook Series is available for free download to iPad users. Hard copies can be purchased from Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, Scribd.com, and MagCloud.com. 


Check out a host of new designs, including postage, t-shirts, shoes (yes shoes!), iPad and iPhone spec cases, and much more from the Peggy's Zazzle Stores:



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