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This miniature needle-sculpted doll is from Peggy's "Wee-Bee-Wee Folk" collection. Each doll is a work of passion and love.

Peggy's venture into doll-making came on the heels of the loss of a family member. In search of a way to assuage the personal anguish and grief she picked up a piece of fabric one day and just started to cut. When she'd finished it resembled the shape of a doll. She let her imagination go from there. Sewed it together crudely and realized that the process had made her feel better.

A visit to her local library, subsequent visits to her local craft and fabric stores, soon resulted in the miniature dolls that one-by-one were pieces of her heart ... restored.


There are dolls and there are "dolls"! For Peggy it is the "art doll" that best exhibits her artistic expression. Whether from Cernit clay or fabric, burlap or craved from wood, each of the dolls Peggy makes is a dance with life, and adventure and a promise.

Please meet "The Bridge Ladies", a group of art dolls that Peggy feels epitomizes the eternally beautiful, eternally vibrant ladies who never forget their makeup, their earrings, or their Bridge date with friends!