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Listen to some of Peggy's poetry on Miporadio. The award-winning "Pink Chanel" and the very personal, very revealing "You've Got Mail" are both recorded here.

In 2009 Peggy gave us a new poetic offering, "Holding It Together with Band-Aids and Safety Pins".  It is an eBook available through MobiPocket.

Peggy recently has contributed to a number of literary review journals, including Denver Syntax, OCHOS, and Mipoeaisa. Her poem, "Polished Pieces of Eight", was included in the first poetry collective by OCHOS of 'Poets Who Twitter' for their OCHOS Issue 24 for O & S Art Journal.

Mused Literary Art Journal also published Peggy's play, "Two People" in its Spring 2009 issue.

"You Beckon", an award-winning classic,  is Peggy's first poetry collection.

Here is a sample of the reviews You Beckon has received:

 Mahogany Book Club Review: You Beckon" By Peggy Eldridge Love, is a collection of voices: A young girl, an old man, a worried wife, a soldier, a cosmopolitan and a lover as well as many others. All within the pages of this fine collection of poetry Eldridge Love handles many characters and gives them clarity and dignity that is rare in voices.
The poems work because the reader can connect with them and relate, living vicariously through their losses and victories.
The majority of Eldrdge Love poems succeed because they evoke a satisfying emotional response. It is one thing to write a well crafted poem that follows the rules of poetry, another to make a poem that touches the soul.
from " Repertoire"
I gave up wanting long ago
Believing that i bargained away
all hope of arms that might hold
eyes that could see
ears that wanted to hear
the repertoire of my soul.
Eldridge Love's poems are direct enough to draw the reader in. Complicated enough to hold the their interest. Love sports a fiskle intellect. But she doesn't put herself on a pedestal. She wants you to come into her world of words, which are often deep, always provocative and razor sharp in their brevity. Her family poem's " My Father" are snap shots of a Black girls life in Kansas who describes herself as a "hick", but don't be fooled by Eldridge Love's modesty. These poems are the documentation of a creative force at work. Erren.G.Kelly

A few other poems from Peggy:

Circle of the Muse

I'm not sure whose muse
it is who keeps darting
past me on the right.
Could be Satchel's? He
lived two doors up the street
in that direction
until he died. But Walt lived
around the corner
in that old green house
on Agnes, and he went
to D.A. Holmes elementary school
half-a-block down on Benton.
As a matter of fact,
he created that little mouse thing
in the building half-a-mile
up the way on Linwood.
Could be that's his old muse
jacking with my peripheral vision
all the time. But more than likely
it belongs to Hemingway,
heard tell he spent a lot of time
in one of these old barns
when he was a rookie reporter
with the Kansas City Star.
It would make more sense that
his muse would be trying to hook
up with me since he and I
are both such literary phenoms.
So I guess next time he goes
sprinting pass I'll look at him
head on. Let him know he's welcome
if he wants to stay and talk a while.
I could use another muse
ever now and again. Looks like
he could use a place to stay
for a bit too.   ©Peggy Eldridge-Love 2009      
Mississippi Summer

He could take the skin from a peach in one
swift motion, cut a plug from a watermelon
that somehow always tasted like Utopia. Day
one I was hooked.

I sat and watched his every move every day
that summer, marveling at the fact we
were blood kin. Wondering why mama let
me come and stay.

It was our secret, the one he told me
when I was ten. Felt I ought to know
from whence I came

especially since I came from the
same line of VanLandingham's
he did, or so he said. I thought
he was just spinning tales.

I remember a lifted eye or two when
we walked all the way to town
hand-in-hand. Me not much over
four foot, him nearly a foot over

But it was the color of our eyes
that left most folk nodding, despite
the denials. They knew on both sides
of town but wasn't much to gain
by saying so.

Next summer he acted like he didn't
know me from Adam and I acted like
I didn't care. It wasn't til I was
grown I knew

he knew the summer I was 10
his 'old timer's' was in full bloom.

©Peggy Eldridge-Love 2009