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Right around the dawn of the disco era, I hitched my star to the business of music. For a Kansas girl I felt like Dorothy in technicolor, having been blown from the mid-west sensibilities I grew up surrounded by straight into the glitch and glitter of the music industry. Today it is referred to as 'old school', but I was there when it was the being born.

My career included the likes of management with Marvin Gaye's production company, Righton Productions, to the responsibilities of personal management for some well-known named artist who were signed to major lables such as 20th Century and Warner Bros. The bulk of that time was in partnership with noted record producer, Charles "Pete" Peterson in our boutique management firm, Peterson & Eldridge Associates.

Life has gone full circle and so have I, so I'll be the first to tell you how thrilled I am to have been invited to return and share some of my energies once more with Pete in a few new musical endeavors!

Check out what we're doing at Peterson and Eldridge.com.  And stay tuned for exciting news about our talented rooster of artist including Bobby Jonz, Brenda White, Mistey Lundy, and Jackie Jackson!

It's music! I love the business of music!  What could be better than that?