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Crochet - Fiber Art the Old Fashion Way

Margaret Button Cowls crocheted by Peggy Rush.

Coffee Cup Coasters and Chicken Pot Holders

Beanies for children.

Custom designs!

Cup cozies and more!


Fabric designs.

Nudgies design fabric.

Fabric Designs by Peggy RushA BIT OF THIS, A BIT OF THAT

Fabric designs by Peggy Rush.

"Love Bags" by Peggy are a throw back to another time, another place where life and love were simpler and being a girl was a wonderful, wonderful thing to be!

Peggy enjoys making her bags from unusual yarns, ribbons, and other fibers that tease the imagination. Accents are vintage, each with its own intriguing story to tell ... if only it could talk.

"The Hat" is an inspired work that grew from a chance encounter with a loving husband's head!

 A similar creation made by Peggy  lay around her studio and her husband picked it up one day and wore it. She had not been pleased with that hat when she had pulled it from her loom and actually had cast it aside, so she was surprised and a little dismayed to see her husband in it. She suggested to him that he stop wearing it and she promised she would make him another hat soon. He ignored her!

A few days later, in the middle of an afternoon he phoned to tell her that he thought she should know about the numerous comments his hat was receiving. Comments and inquiries as to where one could be found.

So, inspired with those kudos, Peggy created another hat ... the one in this photograph. This time she wore it, and the results were the same.

"The Hat", as she calls it, is now a favorite project, but still a work of art and of love. Every new owners of "The Hat" has their own stories to tell once they acquire and start to wear it. It has the property of Lius' favorite blanket, it molds and shapes itself to the wearer's head and style, and its fans are growing every day.

Everyday Things!

Cup cozies!

Crochet Fun!